Available Substitutes

Below is the most recent listing of substitutes. If you wish to modify this list, please contact Julie Tagen at 401-225-9594.

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Substitutes available on Sundays and weekdays

Babbitt, Jonathan401864-9009
Casteel, Eden401-932-5589all
Castellani, Roger917-621-6530available locally after Sept 2016
Clarke, Margaret401-726-4128All Denominations
Conboy, Lois401-658-3838Weekends only
Higgins, Stephen401.441.2270comfortable with any keyboard situation
Johnson, Winfred401-847-8548substitute, interim
Jones, William401-848-4327available for all after March 22 2015
MacCubbin, Jay401-521-0698available Sept. 2016
Norton-Jackson, Diana401-714-2700interim, sub, no weddings
Phelps, Howard508-224-8475Please Inquire
Tagen, Julie401-225-9594All Denominations, Interim, Weddings, Funerals
Taylor, Terry401-253-9030 ...
Vecchio, Gina954-2163
Vinson, Duncan781-888-3848All denominations, available Sunday and Monday
Westhaver, Verna401-683-2636substitute/interim

Substitutes available Weekdays only

Allard, Althea401-728-4431 .
Black, John(401) 737-1230 available Saturdays and weekdays, all denominatio
Cranmer, David401-447-9848
Martorella, Philip401-615-0769Available for all services excluding Sun. mornings
Nicholson, Nancy401-521-9097All Denominations
Nolan, Robert401-884-7172Available to provide all needs
Sobaje, Martha401- 626-0099Available for Weddings and Funerals